Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Goodbye Kiran

Yesterday morning we said goodbye to Kiran. He spent two weeks here. We hope he had a nice time and that our house wasn't too crazy or loud for him. Owen was very wary of Kiran the first day or two and let us all know with a few bursts of tears if Kiran got too close, but Kiran slowly made a few more gentle attempts they soon became best friends.
Kiran said he is really going to miss Owen.
Owen is going to miss him too! Kiran also had some magical gift or baby-whisperer touch and he could get Owen to sleep so quickly, I was amazed. 
The kids all said goodbye to Kiran before they left for school. Wes was the first one out the door, he leaves early on Tues and Thursdays for a Technieer Troup thingy before school. But he gave Kiran a hug. Then Lily and Abi left at 8:30 and we took a quick picture of them.
The older kids were on their last day of spring break, but I woke them up at 8:30 (so early!!) so they could say farewell, so there are the boys with their bed heads. Mel was already awake
Corey and Kiran. Kiran has been a miracle worker for Corey for many years. There have been many a night when I'd come see Corey at the computer skyping with Kiran. With the 12 hour time difference, Kiran would just be starting his day as Corey was finishing. So if there was a bug or problem to fix, he'd tell Kiran who would start working his magic (he's a computer whisperer too!) and in the morning Corey would often return to his computer to find Kiran had solved the issue. We are both very grateful for all the great work he's done for Movie Mouth over the years.
It was great to have him here. After his 30 hour trip, Corey's reported that he's arrived safely back home, we're glad you traveled safely Kiran! We'll miss you!
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