Tuesday, September 13, 2016

2 A.M.

I usually wake up in the middle of the night. Several times. It's one of the joys of pregnancy. The following pictures are from one of those occasions. Around 2 a.m. on September 3rd to be exact. I first went in to make sure Joseph had made it home from his Friday night socializing...
Looks like that's a yes. I wonder if he falls asleep saying his prayers very often? Then I wandered around from room to room to see where everyone else ended up. Corey was gone in Brazil when these were taken, and during that week and a half, we had an early dinner and early scriptures, like at 7. That left me free to go to bed once I was done with parenting for the day, which was usually around 9:30/10. I'd bring Owen and Natalie in with me, turn off the light and turn on the fan for some good white noise to drown out the noise of the rest of the house. Because of course they were all still doing homework and playing and whatever. Looks like the little girls decided to have a sleepover with their brothers - Lily is lying on Hyrum's bed on Hyrum and her big Bunky Boo dog.
Corey bought that big dog for Lily for Christmas years ago to take his place as her big body sleeping companion. Bunky Boos done a good job. Sophi's sleeping on the floor. I'd prefer that, the bed bed looks crowded.
And then my little roommates - Owen, he's just precious. 
And our little floor cat Natalie. She almost always lays right down and falls asleep, so that is why she's still in our room. If she's happy and quiet, that works.
The one downside to that is that Owen is an early riser, and if I let him loose on the floor, he'll go wake her up and pull her hair. She's pretty patient with it, but I'd rather not wake her if possible. But our bedroom is one of the only places with a door that I can contain him in. The main floor is one big free access area, and he likes to walk over to the staircase and go up, but hasn't quite mastered the descending part. So I'll move the couch over or something and then he can wander around while I read or just sit and put up my feet (trying to keep the pregnancy varicose veins under control). Anyway, so there are a few pics of a few kids on a typical early morning. 
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