Friday, September 23, 2016

Slacker Mom Got Caught

Yesterday I took the baby in for a bilirubin test. His weight was down more than they'd like. What do you expect, my milk just came in the day before. So she had me nurse him there in the clinic for 20 minutes and then we weighed him again to see how much milk he's getting when he nurses. So I did, and weighed him again, and he'd gone up 3 ounces, which was apparently really amazing. So are we good? Am I done? Can we go home? Nope, over to draw his blood in the lab. Not too painful, he didn't even cry when they pricked his heel. Then we were done, yay. Let's go home and snuggle you, you sweet boy!
They called later to say it was up to 16, which wasn't good. But I thought to myself that it had been so low risk when they checked at the hospital, of course it will go up. So she wanted me to get it tested again today, but the clinic lab was closed, so she wanted me to go to the hospital lab, get the blood collected there, then come to the clinic for his weight. Well, remembering how I got away with not following doctors orders last time with Owen, I decided to not go in. Then I got busted...

One of the pediatricians in their office moved into our neighborhood two weeks ago. Super nice guy. The lady pediatrician was aware I didn't show up and was concerned, so Dr. Schmidt offered to swing by our house. Corey answered the door "Tiff! You're busted! They're huntin' you down..." We talked to him, I said I wasn't concerned, that I think I need a pediatrician that is a little less cautious. I admit I'm a little too "not worried" about well checks and tests. If I see or feel there is something wrong, I'll be in touch. Dr. Schmidt is less cautious, so I might switch. Plus our usual one is going on maternity leave soon, might be a good time to switch. So he looked junior over, said the baby looks great, just a little jaundiced, to watch his diapers and see if he has a poopy one soon (last one was yesterday morning)  
Sunday update: Our nice neighbor and pediatrician came by today to take another look at Junior. I didn't go to church, but did send Corey with instrctions to let Dr. Schmidt know the baby had a good poopy diaper this morning, which I felt was evidence that there is no need for concern. He looked him over, said he looked good too. Yep, eating well too. So are we good to go or do I need to get his bilirubin checked again? 

Corey turned to me and said "The real question is... if he says yes, will you go?" Put me on the spot. Okay, yes. If he tells me to go get it tested tomorrow, I will go and do it. And we turned to the dr and he said I should. So I will go in tomorrow around 9. Corey will be home so I don't have to take the other 3 kids along, so should be doable. Sorry buddy, we gotta go let them stick you again tomorrow, you little angel. xoxo!! He is precious!
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