Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sophia is 5!

It's another day of celebration around our house - Happy Birthday, Sophi!
The smiles and eyes aren't quite as natural as I'd like, but that's okay, hence why I took 20+ photos...
This one the eyes are natural, but not he body. Ya do what ya can.
You're a cute one Soph.  
Ok, so let's see, how did your birthday go? Luckily this one still has pretty simple expectations. I gave her a present this morning (didn't wrap it) and that kept her busy most of the day. I made the lego dragon and remembered the days when Corey and I were busy building Legos all Christmas morning. I told her she'd have to wait on the Elf house until her siblings were home from school. I couldn't work on the rest of the house with Owen and Natalie around. Natalie was having a bit of a hard time at first with it not being her birthday, insisting the purple elf girl was her rightful property. And Owen was on a eat and destroy mission. So it was a pretty chill day, and then the kids came home and built the lego with her, and shortly thereafter the grandparents came by. Sophi got a boy and girl barbie, clothes, hair bows, more legos... it was a party. We had some dinner and then broke out the cake and ice cream. Be careful not to breath on the candles while you sing!
Ok, now you can blow them out. 
 Good job Sophi! 
Phew! Always a birthday party at our house from June - September, that is too much cake and ice cream. what is a trying to be health conscious mother to do. We've got 8 of them in those 4 months, soon to be 9! Luckily we're done with the birthday sugar overload for a few months around here - next one is Mel in December. Not counting junior that's coming in 13 days. Thankfully we won't be dishing up cake and ice cream for him this year.
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