Saturday, September 17, 2016

Our Last Saturday

It is our last Saturday as a 10 kid family! To help us celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new little boy (and before life gets complicated again,) Corey decided to treat the kids to some fun today and took them out to a movie. They saw Ice Age 5. Sadly, Corey said he'll never be able to get that 2 hours of his life back. I opted to pass and ran to the store instead, I thought it would be good of me to stock up on milk and cereal for the gang. Then Owen took a nap and I washed Corey's car (I like e-cloths, I've got the dual action sponge, not the mit). Then Corey texted me when the movie was done and we met up for our last time eating out with "just 10 kids". We don't eat out much with the kids, so this was a special treat. They love Chuck a Rama. What kid doesn't? This was after the feast was over and we were letting our stomachs settle. They did pretty good and didn't make too much of a mess. A few cookie crumbles on the floor from Owen, but no spills or anything else. Good job Crew, we promise we'll take you out again next year too!
And actually, it was only 9 kids cause Joseph was gone - today was the homecoming dance and he didn't want to ruin his dinner, so he stayed home and did homework until it was time to go pick up his date. Here's Joseph and the girl he asked, Heather ~
I would tell you all about his date, but I haven't heard about it yet. I've usually already headed to bed when this midnight talker starts sharing. But I did hear it was great, "a lot of fun". Corey was my homecoming date my junior year. Maybe I'll update later with that picture. :)
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