Thursday, September 15, 2016

Post It Patterns

Natalie was playing quietly this afternoon. She was hard at work making a color pattern with post it notes at the window ledge.
I watched her for a minute wondering what she had - I saw the orange squares... We had some sliced American cheese in the fridge, is that what she has? But what of the purple and blue cheese underneath? I stepped closer - ah, Post it notes! Of course!
And this is why it is a waste of money for me to even buy these things in the first place. Those colored squares that stick and stack are just too much fun. She is a cute little girl. After she finished we stacked them all up and now they are in a drawer here at the desk. We'll see if they ever get used now that they aren't in a nice and neat stack, cause we all know kids only like to mess up things that aren't already messed up. They like to target organized things or clean rooms and floors. ;)
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