Monday, September 5, 2016

Two Weeks

I don't think we've said hello to September yet... have we? "Hello blessed September! I've been looking forward to you for 9 months, glad you're finally here!" We are almost there... two weeks from today and hopefully I'll be at the hospital being induced. God willing everything will go well and we'll be able to meet this little man. All the kids are excited, except for Owen, who probably doesn't know what's coming... do you Owen?
You, little person, are about to be booted from your position as baby in the family. Are you ready to share. There will be some attention adjustment I'm sure, but luckily we've got enough smitten older siblings who love babies to go around. I'm sure you'll be fine. I've told Owen before that I feel he's mostly responsible for this happening so quickly... Oh, don't look like you don't know what I'm talking about...
My theory is he had some premortal agreement with this sibling to get him down here pronto, and he's kept his word. They'll be 14 months apart.
Yeah, Owen, that was your fault for dumping me for the bottle. I don't remember all the details from each newborn experience, but since yours is the most recent and one of the few that is blogged about, you might be the baby that is remembered as being the most difficult.
No offense, that's just the truth, and I'm hoping your little brother doesn't follow suit and that nursing him won't be a trial.
So these photos here are adorable pictures that Ethan took yesterday after church. We made Owen dress up in a tight button up collared shirt like all the other poor men have to do, poor guys. It was a 2T though, so it wasn't too tight on Owen's chubby neck. 
We thought he looked pretty dapper. 
We're excited to meet your little brother in two weeks!
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