Saturday, September 3, 2016

Abigail is 9!

Happy Birthday, Abi!
This birthday girl turned 9 years old today. She's done a little of the celebrating before today. Corey knew he was going to be gone, so he took her to do a little clothes shopping before he left. Also, about a month ago she really really wanted a bike, and a neighbor was selling an old one, so we got her the bike as an early birthday present. So she'd already gotten her goods from Corey and I, but still had gifts o'plenty to make her feel special today. Hooray for grandparents! My mom brought over some colored flame candles that we thought were pretty cool!
 Make a wish!
Abi got lots of clothes, and I think her favorite toy present was a bow and arrow. That thought based upon the fact that they've been shooting it around in the house all evening.
We were going to have a party, but most of the friends she invited were gone or busy since it's a holiday weekend. So we rescheduled it for next Saturday. And that will work better cause Corey will be back. I'm still slightly on survival mode, but things are going good, just keep your head down and keep pressing forward.

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