Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Time to Decide

Yesterday morning Corey had his first real chance to focus on this little one's face and get a feel for what his name should be.
Since Junior and I are not at home, last night he asked me to send a few pictures to help him out, so, sweetheart, here are the latest pictures of the kid. Yesterday Bonnie at Medical Records said she needs to turn in his papers asap, so I probably better call her today and give her our final answer for his name. Here's some pics to help you think about this big decision in all your free time that you'll have today as you hold down the fort at home and also go to work to provide for this quiver of children. This one from yesterday - eyes open, thank you baby, that is helpful....
Eyes less open...
Took these ones early in the am this morning. I think the eye mask they put on him for the lights made his head a little elongated, totally changed his look in my opinion...
Hey baby with the eyes that have been held shut for the past 12 hours... What is your name?
Nothing. No help from this guy. Another infant who doesn't help us out at all.
Listen baby, this is a big decision that will affect you every day for the rest of your life... Speak up now or forever hold your peace.
Okay Corey, that's it for the pics. What say ye? His name shall be ________.
I'll call you soon for your answer, xoxo

6:30 am - you're lucky, Corey, I got a good video with open eyes for you! We should be able to decide for sure now, right? 
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