Monday, January 23, 2017

Silly Sophi

Sophi has said some pretty cute things lately. First one - last week I was rocking Daniel and he was looking over my shoulder to her doting sister Sophi. She was talking to him in baby talk, saying how cute he is and such. Then Sophi continued "And you came to da Earth! And Jesus do all the hard stuff! And we do the easy stuff!!!" I was laughing, and wondering what she was thinking, I said "Sophi, what is the hard stuff?" She quickly replied "Make the earth... make the bodies..." Later when I was telling the kids about it, we asked her more questions: "What is the easy stuff?" "Make Top Ramen, make a cake." Who make the trees? "Jesus" Who made the cars? "Jesus" No, people made cars, but I bet Jesus gave them the idea. Who made the snow? "Elsa." Lol

Funny story #2 - On Saturday evening, after the kids finished cleaning their rooms and picking up the house a bit, I took them to the playplace at Carl's Junior. We ordered some fries, and I told them we'd pick up ice cream on the way home, so that we could bring it back for kids that weren't able to come with us. "Can I have 8 soft serve cones? Two of them in a cup..." Yes, please pull up to the window. The car was quiet as my children anticipated quickly receiving their desserts. Except for Sophi, who protested this sudden change of plans... "Aw! How come you didn't say ice cream?!" as she gave me a surprised and disapproving frown. "Soft serve cones ARE ice cream cones..." I said. We all laughed at her, but I defended her confusion. I'm sure she's never heard me say soft serve before. She still confuses "her" and "she" all the time, like when she complains about Natalie "Her is being mean to me! Her always teases me!" Life can be tough for cute little 5 year olds. They're just trying to make sense of it all. So, Sophi was happy when she got her ice cream.
Funny Sophi story 3 - at church yesterday, Corey left sacrament meeting with Owen and Natalie. I was out with Daniel, so I'm not sure what Sophi was doing that she didn't leave with them, cause she usually does. (You know, just like every other nice relaxing day for Corey at church as he's being overloved by little people). So Joseph told me that when Sophi saw they were gone, she asked him to take her out to Corey. He didn't want to, so replied, "No, I don't know where they are." "Aw!" (that is Sophi's reply whenever she's disappointed about anything). Lily then asked if she could go get a drink. Sure. She goes. She returns. She leans over and whispers something in Sophi's ear. Sophi then turns to Jospeh. "Can I go get a drink?" Joseph had an inkling as to what was going on. She continued "And it's gonna be a long drink, cause I'm a hundred thirsty." Sophi, it's okay if you want to go out and find your dad, but you shouldn't fib and tell Joseph you're just going out for a really long drink, silly girl. Adults always find out!

Ok, this is really the last one. Two videos - these are both from last Tuesday. Lily, Sophi, and Natalie had been playing in costumes since Lily got home from school. Last that night, I returned from taking Abi to dance and picking up kids late at school to find that my house had been turned into a zoo! Natalie was the hungry tiger trying to eat the other animals.

30 minutes later for scriptures, costumes had been switched around, Natalie was a frog now, but still in predator mode. Aka running around being crazy trying to eat everyone. This is a little more nuts than how family scripture time usually goes, but not by much, ha. So the funny Sophi part here is at 1:45 where Lily slaps her wrist after Sophi pulled the butterfly costume cause she wanted a turn wearing it. Lily's slap so offended or injured Sophi that she collapses on the floor near death. She's a sensitive little person. I don't condone hitting, but Sophi sweetie you gotta toughen up a little bit or you might not survive in the real world.

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