Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ice Rink 3

Well, the ice rink is ready. Before we had to get back to the grind of life and work that started today, Corey and the kids were able to spend a few hours playing hockey.
These pictures are from Sunday. After I got home from church and was able to take over sick kid duty, Corey went out to see how the ice was doing. It seemed hard. So then he got some of the skates out to test it. Of course his little shadows followed him over. Soon everyone was out there except for Owen who I abandoned for only a few minutes while I went to take pictures. (Daniel and I didn't skate)
Our neighbors, who have been so kind to let Corey and his minion play in the dirt on their property again, were heading out and they joined the kids on the ice for a bit too before they loaded in. Corey getting the goals ready while people test the ice...
They spent most of Sunday afternoon over there. They got the lights out before it got too dark and were set up to have some night hockey too. They played and played. It was good family time. I think they've voted it the best rink yet. Here are some of the pics from the 2013-14 and 2014-15 versions. Good memories

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