Thursday, January 26, 2017


When we moved into this home almost 6 years ago, there have been some wires poking out of the ceiling above the kitchen sink, and a black circle around them - making it appear there was a little poof of smoke from a fire that broke the light and blew the fuse or whatever might have happened there. Well, after calling for an electrician last week for our "we can't survive without a microwave and toaster" emergency, I scheduled for him to come to fix that light and the outlets by it which also haven't been working and to also fix the light in Hyrum and Wesley's room, which has been out for atleast 2 months. So Mr. Paulsen texted me last night that he'd come around 10.

He arrived, took a look, ran to Home Depot and bought stuff, came back, and around 11:30 he's all done and everything is fixed and we have a cute little light above the sink and I'm just pleased as punch. I'm actually looking forward to doing dishes at night, and giving kids the impression that it's time to go to bed by having the bright kitchen lights off and just my little sink light on.
Plus I'm excited cause I'll never need to save any of those mail flyers coupons for electricians again. Mr. Paulsen gave us a screamin' deal, He first said $75 which was basically just for what he had spent on the supplies. I laughed cause mentally I had already prepped myself for plumber charges - aka $400 bucks for an easy job. I insisted we pay him more "What about labor?" We settled on $120 which was a great deal. So, I wish he was a plumber. Perhaps I'll throw out a search for recommendations on facebook for that next time. I shall be calling him again next time we have electrical needs, I am feeling very grateful! If you're in the valley and want his number, send me a message.

I spent a bit of the rest of the day changing light bulbs. But we don't have a ladder to reach the burned out bulbs on the chandelier. Thus we again did our dangerous let's put a tall barstool on top of a bench move and Ethan said he would do it cause he's "so much taller" than me. As he was taking out one bulb, the whole glass fixture around the light came loose - the glass was off the metal base. Ethan gave up after exhausting his arms and then Corey gave it a go per my request. He couldn't see it and couldn't figure it out just by feeling it, so I texted a neighbor to see if we could borrow their ladder. Different neighbor from last time. (February's household goal: buy a ladder). With the ladder I spent a good 15 mintues and finally go it on well enough that it is now balanced and as long as no one bumps or touches it, it should stay on. So no more chandelier decorations. While I was up there, I got the hose vacuum and cleaned out the dead bugs and dusted the lights. Then I wiped the wall up there, then washed the window, and just kept cleaning all night tonight. When you're on a ladder, a whole new world of things that need to be cleaned just opens up to you! So, looks good now! I'm going to do a bit more tomorrow before I return the ladder. The kids loved the ladder and climbed up a few times as we waited for everyone to gather for scriptures. It's just so exciting to get up so high! They can't resist climbing on it. Owen is climbing, but he's not ready for that level of skill yet.

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