Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ethan T-shirts

Ethan was excited today that he got a package delivered. In the box was a pile of t-shirts that he and his friends made for their group. They call themselves the "T-rex Gang". As he was pooling money to order these and design them, I shared with him my opinion that having t-shirts for their group might make it seem a bit, shall we say... exclusive? He assured me that anyone that wants to hang out with them can. 
Still seemed a bit clique-ish to me. So, here's hoping they don't seem like snobs.
I just think that if I was a kid that was friends with them and hadn't gotten a shirt, I'd feel like I was officially an outsider. Or even if I wasn't really in their friend group anyway, but I saw everyone wearing matching t-shirts with their names on the side, like you'd feel kinda like I couldn't be one of their gang, right? Or, hey! Can I have a shirt? Who do I ask to get one? Anyway, he was excited about the shirts. Wanted me to take his picture so he could share it on their GroupMe. Here's hoping it opens more doors for more friends instead of closing them.

Eth, if you feel this little post is a bit too negative, feel free to come tell me and we'll edit it and give a positive twist. :)


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