Friday, January 20, 2017


Daniel had his 4 month check up today at 10, which was the time that President Trump was taking the oath of office. So I was grateful to be able to watch it on youtube. It was cool to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, I love them. My favorite album by them is America's Choir. I listened to that a lot when we lived in Virginia, so that is kind of my go to album for all things Patriotic. Trying to be patriotic right now. I was more depressed when Obama won in 2012 than I have been this time. But this is bringing back the old feelings and I'm wishing for what might have been - it could be Mitt taking his second term right now... Yeah, I should get over it. I have moved on, but am using the same coping mechanism this time. I feel a bit more detached from the whole situation this time. More like I'm just a spectator and it doesn't really affect me. That was the kind of attitude I tried to have with Obama - that I just need to focus on my family and my life and the things that I do have control over. I feel the same with this - I think Trumps election is just a manifestation of the decaying morals of our country. Last time with Obama it was for different morals, but I feel like it's basically the same deal, which is why I find it so interesting that liberals are so upset. One of the reasons I don't like Trump is cause he is liberal (and a total wild card). Liberals. you guys have a Republican pres who said good things about Planned Parenthood! Abortion is the main deal killer for me with Democratic Party. I'm currently party-less, and that's okay.

So Inaguration, that was the big news thing of today and there is my 2 cents. I love this country and feel like I live in Zion here in our absolutely wonderful neighborhood and with all of our wonderful friends here, so I'm going to keep loving and serving my family and neighbors, and praying for our country and it's leaders. It's in God's hands, Thy will be done. From a friend's facebook post that made me chuckle - "Our country has survived 44 presidents. I know that our country can make it through 4 to 8 years of Donald. Embrace The Suck"

In other news - Corey's burdens are at an all time high again. We've been here before and have faith that things will yet again workout, but it's never fun. Poor guy. I'm doing okay, but that's cause about 5 years ago I gave up worrying about it. I can't do anything about it other than pray, so I just pray. Worry is the facade of taking action, Prayer actually is. I also suggested that tonight for our date, to help his mind escape for a little bit, we did something we usually don't do and go to the movies! We grabbed some sandwhiches at Jimmy Johns (my first time there - they make fast sandwiches, wow) and saw the movie La La Land. I really liked it - visually the colors and the shots and the camera work was awesome. I loved it all ...except for the end - that having your career is what you have to do. Listen, if you don't end up with the person that you're supposed to end up with, then what else matters? Call me old school, but when they got together and then knew it was love, they should have made a commitment, or covenant perhaps, to be together and then come what may, they'll get through it TOGETHER. Corey and I are in this together, and as long as we stay together, nothing else matters. If he never makes it big or if we have to move or I don't know whatever - it does not matter. It's just a test for us to prove what is really important to us. What is important - money, wealth, fame? Nope. Family, your spouse, children? That would be a yes. Don't sell out on love and family for a career or anything else, boo!! Not sure if they message of the movie was "don't do this is you can avoid it" or "it's nice to pretend you can have it all, but you can't, this is reality folks, make your choice - love or fame". Yeah, so, other than the ending (and possibly the whole overall message of the entire movie), I loved it. :)

(Update a week later)
This did make me laugh about our predicament, "Help, I'm gonna barf!"

Good job BLR.

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