Saturday, January 28, 2017

King John

Wesley spent a few hours working in homework today over at Corey's parent's house. He had to go over there to use Grandma's ipad app iMovies. The kids love making movies on it. So Wesley decided to make a movie as his enrichment project for social studies. He told made a video about King John of England, you know, of Robin Hood fame. Here is Wesley as King John.
They had a good time. I called the evening quits before they were done editing the movie. Cause "5 minutes" kept turning into 15 minutes and it was time to get back home. But a big thank you to Corey's parents for always being there for us and the kids. I told Wes we'll go over to give him time to edit it before it's due.
Update: Wesley went over and finished editing it yesterday/Tues, but we couldn't figure out how to upload it from the ipad, so I took a video of it on my phone and then we uploaded that. Good enough, good job Wes,

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