Monday, January 2, 2017

Out with a Barf, In with a Blowout

So.... Last week I woke up to find I had a big stinky mess to clean up, courtesy of Owen. Little did I know it was just the beginning of my laundry explosion for the next few days.

So, Wednesday morning (Dec 28th) the night before, I returned home from visiting with my siblings around midnight. A few kids were still up, including the 7 year old. I asked her if they had said prayer and read scriptures before people headed to bed. "I don't think so... or maybe I was in my room?" was Lily's reply. Oh well, I figured as much. If there was no prayer or official "going to bed" routine, I bet people just collapsed, which means little kids who wear diapers were most likely not changed. So I went in to my room, Owen and Natalie were both asleep. I checked Natalie and changed her diaper, she's a pretty good sleeper and rolled back over to bed when I was finished. I didn't want to touch Owen though - one peep around him or from him and it's all over. So I went to Corey and whispered my question, asking if Owen was changed before he went to bed. "I don't know" he replied. I was pretty sure none of the kids would have changed Owen on their own volition, so I rephrased my query: "Did YOU change him at all this evening?" "No." Ok. So now I was pretty sure he wasn't changed and knew the situation I faced since it was now past midnight and he was asleep. I had a choice to make: 1) Change his diaper and wake him up in the process, but not have to wash his bedding and blankets in the morning. Or 2) let him sleep in a possibly already full diaper and be prepared to face a mess in the morning. I chose #2. And this morning I was ready for the consequences of my decision. It was a little worse than I envisioned, but it made me laugh as I shook my head. He must have pooped while he was still sleeping or right as he was starting to wake, cause I got him as soon as he started making noise, and that little guy had already poop spread all over his clothes, his bed, his blankets, his pillow, his cheeks, his binki, and also had time to grab the sides of his crib and the blinds and the little cord to pull up the blinds... poop everywhere. I've seen worse. He had good coverage but not a lot of density, so it was just small wipes and tracings of poop everywhere. It was glad it wasn't too thick, I was able to clean it up pretty quickly. And thus is what happens when Mom isn't around to enforce all the routines that she's trying to establish!

Little did I know it was just the beginning. So we went up to our friends cabin on Friday evening and spent the night there. Around 3 am, little Owen thew up in the bed we were in. He threw up on Corey, who was holding him, himself, the bed, a few pillows and some stuffed animal toys. Great. Luckily as we had gone to bed, we all just collapsed on top of the bedspread. And luckily that was a thick blanket, cause it absorbed most of the puke. Corey took Owen down to give him a bath and I tried to figure out what to do, hoping not to wake people up. So Owen was crying as Corey attempted to bathe him and I started surveying the damage and washing things off. Corey changed his clothes, I brought down a change of clothes for Owen, and put in items for a load of laundry (luckily the cabin is kinda like a second home to everyone and I knew where everything was that I needed - washing machine, detergent, etc.) The machine was louder than I would have liked, and was right by the bedrooms where two other couples with their kids were sleeping, but what can you do.

Corey decided it would be best if he took Owen home to attempt to not spread the sickness. One glitch - we don't have 4 wheel drive to get up to the cabin, so our car was a quarter of a mile away at the Nordic Center parking lot. How to get the toddler to the car at 4 am? Corey decided to sled down the hill to get it and then took a gamble and drove it up the snowy road. He thought it would be the fastest option. He heard coyotes howling as he went, and was glad he had the Red Ryder sled to defend himself from the wild animals if need be. He made it to the car. Thankfully it has new tires, so he decided, instead of backing up the road and parking before the hill, that he'd take the loop around so he could park by the cabin and then would take his chances going down the hill. The snow wasn't icy and kinda had a grip to it and he made it up, hooray. I held Owen while we waited for Corey to return. Owen wouldn't let me put him down. There was more mess to clean up upstairs. I was also worried Natalie would roll over or kick Daniel in the bed and wake him up, which would make my situation more difficult. So I went up to watch Daniel, Natalie was a little close, but they were both still asleep, so I just watched as I waited and held Owen. I knelt down with him on my lap, thinking to pick up some pieces to a game as we waited. Then Owen threw up again, this time all over me. OoooKay! This is great! I don't have a change of pants! I did bring an extra shirt and underwear, so... la de dah, what to do. I decided to just sit in it until Corey came back. I prayed for Daniel to not wake up and left him at the mercy of his sleeping sisters and went down stairs, thinking it was about time for Corey to be returning. Owen and I took a 4 am selfie. 
Then I took a puke on me selfie...
My poor baby boy, Owen I'm sorry you're sick!
He was holding one of his blankets when he threw up on us. My motherly instincts made me grab it to try and catch the throw up. Then he wanted his blankie back... No sweetie, you can't have it any more. He started to cry for it, so I hid it out of sight and went to the bed where I ever so gently pulled Daniel's blanket off of him, again hoping not to wake him. Phew! So Owen here has Daniel's hot air balloon muslin blanket that Daniel got for Christmas. Good thing I had another change of clothes for Owen, yay. It was pj shorts though. Not going to help keep you warm outside. Hopefully Dad's got the car warm. Owen looks so sad here, like "What is happening to me?!?!"
Corey came and saw what had transpired. Yes, these are my only pants, but I'll be okay, "What are you going to do?" I'll hurry and throw my clothes in the laundry too, and hopefully my pants will be washed and dried before anyone wakes up. We were handling it all very well and I was smiling as I shook my head at this moment in parenthood. Actually, I think I most enjoyed having someone to share it with. Usually at home in the wee hours of the morning, it's just me and the sick kid, so I was grateful Corey was there to share in the joys and pukes of life with me. I was also glad Owen threw up on me instead of Corey. Corey took him out to the car, then realized he left his computer bag. He didn't want Owen to be sad as he left him alone in the car, so he got me on the bluetooth to be a voice keeping Owen company and I kept saying "Hi Owen! I love you!" as Corey ran back into the house and I went back up stairs... Thank you Lord that Daniel is still asleep. Thankfully Natalie's most recent tossing and turning rolled her the other way. Corey made it out, Owen was okay and they were on their way. They made it safely down the canyon and were home at 5:15.
Six people in the bed minus three (Corey, Owen and me) leaves 3 little humans still in the bed. Daniel, Natalie, and Lily, Yes, it was a great night of sleep, ha! It's like human tetris...
So, that was the end of 2016. And the new year is off to a great start too - yesterday was laundry day! I did a ton of laundry because little Owen had a diarrhea explosion last night. I woke up during the night, smelled something bad, figured it was a poopy diaper... I went over and touched his tummy to see if he had wet through his clothes. It was wet. Oh well, we'll clean it up when he wakes up. At 7 am he was awake. I went over to find it was not just pee all over his onesie, that was diarrhea juice. He had it all the way up his front practically to his neck. Crap was hard crusted onto his tummy - OooKay! Holy cow! I was talking to Owen and myself "Wow! Owen! You are sick! This is such a mess!! You made a BIG mess!!" It seriously was the worst poopy diaper mess of an explosion I've ever seen, and for a mother with 11 kids that might be saying something. He hates baths, but I put him in and got in with him and rinsed him off as best I could before plugging the drain, then we bathed in bits of his poo as I tried to scrape his tummy clean. He finally relaxed and seemed to enjoy his bath as I rubbed and rubbed his tummy. But no time to let him bask in the tub, I had to get kids ready for 9 am church! So out we went, I put him in OUR BED (mistake) with Corey and I went to start a load of laundry to wash his bedding and then woke up the kids to get them ready. An hour later we left for church, and Owen stayed home with Corey.

When I came back, Corey and Owen were no longer sick in bed... they were sick in the tub... and our room smelled really bad... What happened here? Oh my, poop all over our bed - he got the comforter, duvet cover, it soaked into the mattress in three spots on MY SIDE of the bed, ha! Thanks guys!! Shaking my head again... So, off comes all the bedding, how do you wipe up a mess out of a mattress? We've had this one since we got married... I haven't been sleeping well lately, might be time to get a purple mattress. I had to take the comforter out of the duvet, a big pain that I try to only have to do once a year, oh well. After the first load of laundry was started, I came and got Owen, put a diaper on him, and the poor little guy just fell asleep right there on the floor on the towel. I put a blanket on him, poor little guy.
So, that was our new years day!! Happy new year, 2017 is coming in with fury! Wonder what other fun times are in store! #KeepingItReal

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