Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fun Family Games

We got some fun games this Christmas. Two of them I bought during the week~ when we were hanging with the Hibberts, Jerusha had brought a fun game they got called Klask - it's like a mini air hockey board but with magnets. It's a fun simple game. The other one was one I saw at Target when I couldn't find Klask, and it looked so pretty that I looked it up - Otrio - it's like advanced Tic Tac Toe. Great thing about both of these games is that they are quick to play, so Corey and I can actually play with the kids without either being committed to a long game that we don't have time for (Risk) or without being pulled away by some kid emergency (hungry baby, poopy diaper). Both games are quick enough that we can finish a game in a few minutes and then the kids can keep playing with each other if they want. Only cons with both games, as with almost all games, is that there are small pieces. There are currently 4 Otrio circles missing and the black magnets from Klask too. I'm sure we'll find them once we have a chance to pick up tomorrow, which Saturday cleaning is the reality again now that school is back in session. That really was too short of a break!

Then another game we got that just keeps giving and giving fun and laughter was this from my little sister Patrice, who had me for the sibling gift this year - Watch Ya Mouth! - the Original Mouthguard Party Game! Oh, the kids were just dying to play this one!
We actually haven't had a chance to sit down and officially play a game yet, but the each immediatley put in the mouth guards. Natalie won't do it yet, but I bet her cute chubby cheeks wouldn't work with them anyway? Family picture!!
The kids opened the cards and have tried to read them with little success. Practically every word has lots of B, P, and M words which are pretty much impossible. (Wes pronounced Bowtie wrong - he says it like Bow-tee) Fun~

We might try and do song lyrics, rather than the random words on the cards which are pretty random.
We all voted that Wesley's lips were the most tough and flexible... He could cover up his nostrils...
All that trumpet playing, his lips are in good shape.
So the kids spent their last hours of vacation time making faces in the mirror and doing videos - pretending they were rabid wild animals and stuff like that.
Funny stuff! Thank you Aunt Patrice!


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