Monday, January 30, 2017

Corey's Phone

So, I just found this post I started in November but never published. Life is like that sometimes... So, I had asked Corey to send me some photos he had on his phone documenting moments of life that he had caught. Such as Sophi the Unicorn...
And Sophi the Spider-girl
This was from a day when Corey left at the same time the kids were going to school. Lily was a little behind the kids walking to the bus, so Corey offered to give her a ride. But she didn't want a ride to the bus stop, she wanted a ride all the way to school. Well, kids who had to walk to school were probably just getting ready to leave their homes, we can gather since kids were still waiting at bus stops, so no kids were at the school yet, but Lily knew where to do and what to do. Go stand in line.
She waited dutifully. Pretty exciting to be first in line!! Oh, and here's the picture of when we went to the Lyceum concert the weekend before Daniel was born. (Nathan Pacheco was amazing.)
But that's not Nathan Pacheco in the pic - it's the Lyceum conductor Kayson Brown. And, two days after the concert, we were in the hospital where this little guy was born. Oh little Daniel, you're growing so fast.
He's almost 5 months now. I'm trying to savor every moment of his chubbiness and smells as I can, but I can feel the time flying away from me. Corey took the kids to a play place, I'm guessing?
Owen you're a cutie. Joseph at a Voodoo concert?
And a concert for Melodie too. Don't know what concert, it's getting to be too much for me to keep track of! I hope they are writing in their journals. Perhaps I shall help them each begin a blog.
Someday when I have time on my hands (ha) I'm thinking I'll scan in my scrapbook pages that I ceased working on 10 years ago and upload those somewhere, will also take pictures of their kid artwork and stuff and put it all on a blog or in a book. I plan on starting a mission blog for Joseph next year (will be here before we know it!) - where I can put his letters and our letters maybe. Someday I'm also going to digitize all the letters and photos from our missions. Lots to do, it's fun. I just need to set some goals and get started doing a little bit at a time. 
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