Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stomach Flu

So... we're all taking turns being sick this week. Except Owen has had more than his fair share...
Sophi threw up twice on Monday, BOTH times in the toilet! Yes, I love her. Natalie had a fever this morning. When I got the Tylenol to give her, she sweetly said "No thank you!" and then said no thank you with greater urgency as she could tell I was still apparently making preparations to administer the disgusting "grape" stuff to her. She's got a bit of a cough too. Can you tell she doesn't feel well?
Pretty little girl.
I woke up yesterday morning with a nasty sour stomach, burping rotten eggs all day. I don't know why, but that sour stomach smell always reminds me of my older sister. Sorry Moo, again I don't know why... must have been a poignant yet repressed childhood memory. So, After sleeping the better part of the evening I'm feeling better today.

Hyrum went to a full day of school and then threw up after he got home. He had a bowl that caught most of it, then I pushed him to the bathroom where he finished off. "I hate throwing up SOOOO MUCH!!! It is SOOO DISGUSTING!!" He felt better after that. It's just been a 24 hour thing for most of us. Still, I gave him permission to stay home tomorrow. Abi is staying home tomorrow too, she's got a cough. Ethan stayed home today, sour stomach, we bonded with each other over how horrible it smells/tastes. 
Good idea to let the sick kid hold the baby, no? Yeah, probably not, but I figured Daniel's getting plenty of antibodies from my milk since I'm constantly been contaminated by everyone, so Danny Boy will be okay. Plus he just wants to be held, so Eth really helped me out, cause I was able to get all caught up on the blog here! I finished blogging December and thus finished the year 2016 and then order my blog book before the great 30% off discount expired tonight! So yay, another year logged and ordered and ready to file away in the annals of our family history. Now all I have to do is blog each day and not get behind again! Yeah, good luck with that.

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