Thursday, July 16, 2015

Reading Books

Yesterday Abi was soooo bored she was in tears. Here is her sob story ~ everyone is gone doing something fun - Mel's at camp, Joe/Eth/Hyrum are at Disneyland (actually they were still on the bus) Wes and Lily have friends to play with, and the friend that she had been playing with was gone at a birthday party with Sophi, so it was just Abi and Natalie at home with me. "I need someone to play with..." You missed all these toys while we were in Brazil, and now you're here and can play wit them, and you don't want to? Everything I suggested she could do was rejected. Fine, just be bored.

Then we looked at old blog entries for a minute and came across this one about reading, and although she didn't want to read, that post reminded me that they can't help themselves... They will start listening and be drawn in if I just read out loud. Plus we've got all these books that they haven't seen for months, this should work. So I went and got some books and attempted to catch her interest. But then Natalie wouldn't let me read outloud- she kept taking the book I was attempting.
I read to Natalie for a minute, but she kept flipping pages and I was never able to get enough into a story that Abi was interested enough to come peeking over my shoulder to see the picutres.
Oh well. I tried. 
So I gave up with that. But the pile of books remained out on the side table. Later that day and through out the day today, it's been great to walk into the room to see little people sitting on the couch looking at books. 

I even saw Abi looking at books this afternoon, I think I'll keep switching out the books for a fresh stack. Good stuff. 

And as for me and my bad attitude from the past two days, I had a bit of a mental shift last night as I tried to get out of my self pity mood, I thought of Stephanie Nielsen and how in her book she shares that after she was out of her coma, she didn't want to look in a mirror and avoided it, until she finally was able to tell herself "This isn't going away..." and made herself start to accept her new reality. Her burns and scars are going to be with her for the rest of her life. That would be hard. This pregnancy I'm almost at the end of isn't going to last forever. It will end, it is going away. I can take another two weeks, it's not for the rest of my life. I can do this. 
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