Friday, July 3, 2015


Well, we're home. It's been a busy past 48 hours but we made it back to the US. Good news - didn't lose any kids, the baby wasn't born on the plane. Now we're back and it feels like we've returned from Narnia - we were just here and it feels like we never left, but we know all these experiences happened and that time has passed... so weird to have these time warping experiences. Corey says he was so busy and did so much, it feels like it's been a year and a half.

The kids are all in heaven with their toys. My little sister drew some welcome home notes on the driveway, including the following true statement "Home is where the Legos are." Last night they headed straight for the lego room and it was late but they just couldn't resist and we're all in there working on the creations they've been dreaming up for the past 3 months. Corey and I gave up and headed to bed around 11:00 (2 a.m. Brazil time). I took a bath and was amazed how quickly the hot water kicked in and how fast the tub filled up. We're pretty lucky. When I was done the lights were off and they were mostly settled in bed. This morning, Natalie woke me up at 7 and when I came out Lily and Abi were already up and in the lego room hard at work. Natalie really hasn't gotten much sleep the past few days. On our final plane ride home from Orlando, she was like drunk tired. It was funny and totally irritating. I was glad to see her crashed out on the couch this afternoon, she needs the rest.
Corey and I had good energy this morning unpacking stuff, but didn't get a second wind at all, so the house is half done and pretty messy. I haven't had a chance to post since Monday. It might take me a day or two, but I'm going to "go back in time" and play catch up and write up about our last two days in Brazil and about our trip home and pretend that I wrote them up on those days. (Just for the sake of keeping the historical record properly chronicled.) A lot happened, a lot of good memories, a lot of good friends. That's always the hard part, leaving the wonderful friends. But we're excited to be with "old" friends again and to be back in our neighborhood, which is just heaven on earth. I feel like we live in Zion. We're excited to be home in time for the 4th of July tomorrow. I love America. Will write more later.
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