Saturday, July 11, 2015

Scofield Weekend

So here is a little bit about our day at Scofield today - We had a big group up there, and the cabin just has two guest rooms, and lucky me I got one cause I'm large with child. I let my little friends sleep in there with us. Corey was in the bed too. Not sure how we all fit. 
Acutally I do - Sophi started on the floor but she got in the bed after Corey left. Corey got up and left around 7:30 to drive to Salt Lake to pick up Joseph at the airport, cause he was coming home from Chile today. After he was almost there, Joseph called and poor kid - his flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake was delayed 4 hours. They talked for a bit, and one of the things Joseph mentioned was how excited he was to take a warm shower (he never figured it out and I guess felt silly to ask?) So Corey went home and took a hot shower on Joseph's behalf, and then turned around and came back to Scofield. Joseph had a party he wanted to go to that evening, but now with the 4 hour layover there wasn't going to be time for him now to make it down to Scofield, so Corey's parent's said they'd pick him up and take him to his party. 

So Corey showed up with no Joe and the fun continued. Adults visited and prepared feasts for kids. Kids took turns going out on the water. 
Always fun to ride the tube, even if it's chilly!
The weather was pretty cold and rainy, but everyone still had a chance on the lake and also enjoyed other activities, like Russian Egg Roulette~
Ethan and Rox tied the game but they both agreed they wouldn't finish unless someone had won, so they did another batch but tied again.
Everyone wanted a turn smashing an egg on their head!

Corey accompanied Natalie and Sophi out on the lake for a boat ride. When we were in Brazil, Natalie would never put on the life jacket, but I guess condescended this time cause she saw that everyone else had them on. Plus Natalie, you're not getting on the boat without it! So after a brief protest she held still and willingly put it on, and look how cute you are!

Walk down to the shore. Natalie seems a little off balance
She's so cute. I think all toddlers should come with handles.
I made it out on the boat for the final ride of the day. 
Although we almost didn't make it out cause the boat was caught on something... After about 15 minutes of wrangling the men got it out - some long pipe thing. 
They think it was a old pump to water the grass. But since the lake is so low we got stuck on it.
After everyone helped pack the car and clean up, we left Scofield around 8:00 and got home at 10. Corey drove to pick up Joseph from his party and they were home at 11. Welcome home Joseph! The kids wanted to catch up and started playing Legos, I told them to go to bed, I gotta wake you guys up early to shower and get clean before church. But they still stayed up until past midnight. They're gonna feel it in the morning cause I'm making good on my word!

Update Sunday morning July 12 ~ When we came home last night, there were presents on the counter and a box of doughnuts in the fridge. My mom had come and dropped them off for Natalie while we were gone. I woke up early Sunday, cooked up eggs, rinsed off grapes and sliced the doughnuts in half for breakfast. I woke everyone up at 7 to come down to the table for breakfast. Boy, they all looked like zombies. I even woke up Corey to come down. He looked quite miserable and said "This is why they talk about family dinners...." (and NOT family breakfast!) That made me laugh. Oh come on guys, they do family breakfasts in the movies, don't they? With one kid always just grabbing a piece of toast and saying they're late and rushing off. It might be fun to try this! You guys just need to get to bed before midnight!
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