Friday, July 10, 2015

Natalie is Two!

Happy Birthday to our favorite two year old, Natalie! She had a good day. Started the morning with some presents that were sooo incredibly cool and amazing that they left Sophi mourning with jealousy. (can't find the picture of that but it was pretty dramatic, will update with it when I find it)

Later, Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to give her some more presents - she got a fancy new necklace and her very own phone!
She was acting a little shy and quiet. That's ok, it's your party.
And then we left to Scofield for the weekend with some neighborhood friends. Natalie shared some chocolate cake and ice cream with everyone.

Ethan helped her blow out her candles and protected her curiosity from that glowing flame of fire.
Natalie spent most of the evening mothering her Beanie Boos.
She's so cute with her babies. 
Two years old. She's not staying little, shame on her. But I guess it's just as well since there's a new little guy coming to take over the baby role for our family. Well, since you're not staying little, we'll settle for staying sweet and lovely. Love you Natalie!
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