Friday, July 31, 2015

Baby Brother

Natalie started talking during our time in Brazil and she hasn't slowed down. She just jibber jabbers all day - and not just jibberish. She almost talks as well as Sophia, and she says some words better than Sophia, like "Sophia" (Sophi can't get the "s" down, hence why she still often calls herself Fofi). Sophi taught Natalie how to say "baby brother" and that is this little guys name as far as they are concerned.
Natalie was being so cute with him last night. "I want baby brother!" So I supervised her holding baby brother. She really liked his cute little feet, and he slept right through it as she examined him and moved his appendages around and patted and poked his little body. She took his foot and said "tickle tickle tickle!" but he didn't laugh or anything. I guess he's not very ticklish.  
It was late and I could tell she was getting tired, she started being a little fussy and was saying over and over again "I want baby brother" as he was right there next to her. I moved him closer but not close enough and she just kept saying that, and so I rubbed her tummy and then she fell asleep saying "I want baby brother...."
She's super cute. I'm glad she had a baby brother. Every little girl wants a real baby doll to play with! :)

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