Saturday, July 18, 2015

Zoo and Broken Camera

Corey has wanted to take his little girls to the zoo since last summer. Today was the day he realized his goal. I stayed home, cause that's what I do when I'm 9 months pregnant. Melodie and Wesley went to help keep track of their little sisters, and I gave Mel my camera so she could document. 5 hours later they returned home with 6 kids, 3 pictures, and a broken camera.

Isn't Corey amazing? Taking 6 kids to the park by himself... I am impressed. Corey, Wes, and 5 irls. Wes has said that being the only boy in the family this week hasn't been as easy as he thought it would be.
So from these pictures we can conclude that apparently they got about 5 minutes into the park before they dropped the camera and broke it. C'est la vie. Corey said Mel was taking a picture, so the power was on and the lens was out, when he asked for it and as they attempted to transfer the camera between their hands, they failed and it fell and busted. Now the lens is stuck out looking like an eye that's been punched and is now swollen and half opened.

So I ordered a new point and shoot camera on ebay for a pretty good price. I asked if they had any other pictures - they didn't take any with Mel's cause her phone's battery died, and Corey gave his cell phone to Hyrum on Wednesday to take on his band trip. After Hyurm gets home from Cali and I get my phone back I'll check there - they said they got a few with my cell phone. Did I tell you that Hyrum lost Corey's phone at Disneyland? But then it was turned into the lost and found and they were able to go get it 2 days later. (I love honest people!) So I'll post some good zoo pics later. :)
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