Tuesday, July 21, 2015

6 Days

Did I mention that I'm scheduled to be induced next Monday? Come on 27th, don't let me down! Last time around, delivery eve was scheduled for Monday the 8th, then when I called the hospital that morning, they were too busy and I called back a few times and it never slowed down. I took that news okay, but then Tuesday didn't work for my doctor so I had to wait TWO DAYS until Wednesday the 10th. And two days in the last trimester, that's like.... (let me do the math...)
(...1453 last trimester days divided by the usual 30 days in a month = 48.4, so one regular day = 48.4 last trimester days, and I had 2 days to wait, so... 2 x 48.4 = so that was actually...) 96.8 days! Yeah, I know! = Torture. So, I'm hoping that doesn't happen next Monday. I better just not think about it.

Actually, since this is pregnancy 10, I've been pregnant for (more math - 10 kids x 9 months each = 90 months, 90 months divided by 12 months in a year = 7.5 years. About 2737 days. And that's not with the last trimester adjustment. Go me, pin a blue ribbon on my chest (or belly?) Took a picture of myself tonight. I took a picture every week last pregnancy, this is my first with this little boy.
This week has gone faster so far than last week though, so that's good. It's been nice having everyone home from camp and the band tour. They've been good little minions yesterday and today completing my cleaning requests. And I've been doing pretty good and cleaning and nesting today too. I got my office desk clean and finally got my bedroom all picked up. That was the one room that we didn't get to cleaning before Brazil. So that is clean now, the laundry room still looks pretty awesome. Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle the basement. If I keep my head down and keep plowing through the days we just might make it!
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