Monday, July 27, 2015

Today's the Day

Good morning. I'm calling it a good morning cause the Lord is having mercy on me. The day started with a brief roller coaster of emotions. I woke up at 3:45, 5:00, and 6... finally got up at 6 and decided to get ready - went and found the infant carseat and baby boy clothes in the basement (still have some newborn and toddler stuff from Wes from 10 years ago!) Then I decided that I would do my 400 walking lunges before calling the hospital at 7. I was cranking them out, hoping to still give myself time to wash up and curl my hair and be ready at 7 in case they said to come in. Last night when I called, they said if they said I could come in, they wanted me to be there at 7:30. So, I cranked out the lunges, took a quick bath, curled my hair a bit but was still sweating from the workout, so was trying to not sweat all over my clothes or sweat off my makeup as I watched the clock.... Said a prayer and begged to not have to wait until Wednesday and then called at 7... only to hear the dreaded response... "Call back at 9" Noooo.... My hopes of being induced today dropped over 50%, cause I don't think much could change there within 2 hours. So then I was glad I had done my lunges, call all my energy and excitement evaporated and I laid down in front of a fan hoping to rest a bit and stop sweating but with my hopes pretty much dashed.

I kept waking up every 10 minutes, but laid there resting. At 8:30 I got up, curled my hair and did my makeup and read the New Testament some more (little goal to try and finish it today) and called again at 9 with a prayer. It was a different lady this time and she said she was going to call Dr. Smith cause he was in surgery to see what time he wanted me to come in (yes... that sounds encouraging) and she called right back and said to be there at noon. Abi came in to my room looking sad to see me. She asked if the baby was coming today. And, I said quietly "YES!" She let out a sigh. I told her I just talked with the hospital and could go in in 3 hours, but that I was sad all morning thinking I'd have to wait until Wednesday. "I'm glad it's just 3 hours!" So I think I'll go wake up the kids and have them fold clothes. That should kill 2 hours, and then I'll get ready. So grateful to finally be here at the end of this pregnancy "Today's the day!! The sun is shining the tank is clean and we are getting..." this baby out of here!

Update - here's some details of delivery day. Checked in at 12:20, the doctor was there and broke my water right away, then started having contractions. They had the anethesiologist come in and give me an epidural before I even had to ask for it, cause there was an emergency c-section in another room that he would be busy with, so my nurse wanted to be sure I had it before the contractions got bad. Then the contractions were coming regularly. I could feel the pressure but no pain. Pretty cool miracle of modern medicine. When I was dialated to a 6 they called the doctor, he was there within 20 minutes and the baby was ready and one push for the head, another push for the body and we had a baby 4:48 pm. 8 pounds, 1 ounce, 21 inches.
We texted family to let them know he was here and then Corey left to get the kids. Everyone was excited to see their new baby brother! 
It's been 10 years since we had a boy, hope I remember how to do baby boys.
 Everyone had a turn holding him. 
(I'm sure we'll be doing this alot during the coming weeks.)
 And a group family photo to end the visit.
Then Junior and I took a few selfies together. 
I'm so glad he's here!
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