Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ball Tag

When we were in Brazil the kids made up a game of ball tag. It was played by two people at a time, each with a plush soccer ball (got those from Ikea) and they'd each try to hit the other person with their ball. The kids had a lot of fun playing it, and I don't remember any game ever ending in a fight (bonus!) During this game pictured below, Ethan and Hyrum were the two contenders. They would start of at opposite sides of the room, and would play Imagine Dragons "I Bet My Life" as they jumped up and down in place 5 times to get the game started. 
Ethan hiding behind a tall table in the corner - he had to get his ball but also got trapped - Hyrum hit him and Ethan lost one of his lives. Each player starts off with 5 lives, so kinda video game style point keeping.
If you tried to hit the other person and missed, then you'd have a challenge of trying to dodge their ball without any defense.
(Ethan wants to be sure it's know by all that he thought of this game)
Last night the kids were missing the house in Brazil, as it offered the perfect indoor courtyard for this game.
They had plans to play night games outside, but there was a storm a brewin', so they came inside and wanted to play ball tag in the front room. I said no cause we had lamps and furniture and pictures on the wall in there. I know the balls are soft, but I still think something would break. Plus it's not a big area. What about downstairs? They tried that, but there is so much junk down there that it didn't work, cause when they'd miss they game would stall as they tried to climb over and shift through clutter to get the ball. The basement in our other house would have been good. Someday we'll finish the basement here and will try to give you guys a good indoor field to play on. Until then, maybe they'll have to move the game outside with real soccer balls. but they were missing the house in Brazil though. "I wish we could just teleport back there to play!!"
I'm glad they're already starting to remember the good times and appreciate how you have to enjoy the present while it's here, cause once it's gone (especially on short adventure family trips like that (and 3.5 months really is just a short time)) it won't be the same again and you can't go back.
Good times. Also, during one of their ball tag tournaments, Sophi had a go at it and beat everyone. They were amazed at her good luck and skills! She has always seemed to have a natural knack for soccer. (see pics 1, 2, & 7) It's cute.
Mel and Natalie kept score.
Good times~
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