Tuesday, September 22, 2015

8 Weeks Old

Owen is 8 weeks old. He's a cutie. Mel is the baby whisperer, she's got the magic touch and knows how to make him calm down when he cries. It's so nice when she is home.
She'll get him to sleep, lay him down on the couch, and then is able to guard him there while she does her homework, which is wonderful.
Ethan likes to hold him too. Ethan's strategy for when Owen is fussy is to take him upstairs and put his face in front of the floor fan on high speed.
Then if Owen quiets down Eth will try to get him to take a nap.
Joseph rarely asks to hold Owen, but will usually take him if I ask. 
All my teenagers love an excuse to take a nap after school.

As for me when I'm on my own during the day, today was a lucky day in that I was able to actually get some stuff done - only cause I was able to successfully hide Owen from Natalie - can you tell where?
 Looks just like your average basket of laundry, right? Mwah-ha-ha, sleep baby sleep
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