Monday, September 28, 2015

Lunar Eclipse

We were able to see the lunar eclipse of the super moon last night. Amazing, beautiful, so cool.
We were out in on the street in front of our house and lots of neighbors were out watching the natural wonder too. We were able to borrow Elder Christofferson's binoculars to watch it, and I wish I could have gotten a picture of that vision. Elder Christofferson was sitting in a lawn chair holding Owen for a little bit (Ethan wanted that documented so that we remember to tell Owen when he's older, I guess it's a claim to fame). It was really fun to watch. That picture was the best I was able to get with my Canon Telephoto lense, but check out one of the pictures that my friend Ben took -
Yeah, I know. That's what it looked like through the binoculars, but 3D. I had to ask how he got something so awesome... "I used my Nikon, but attached it to my Father's 5 inch Celestron Telescope.  I also turned on the tracking.  I shot at 4000 ISO for 3 seconds.  I am not sure what the F stop for the telescope is, but I am sure that it is terrible" I'm a beginner at using anything more than a point and shoot camera, so I don't really know what all that means, but I've got that on the record to figure out before the next eclipse! After watching the blood moon for a good 20 minutes, we went inside to watch "Freetown"(trailer here) - a true story about native Liberian LDS missionaries who had to flee for their lives when the civil war broke out - here is a great article about it. Go see that movie, amazing. As we watched it, I'd go take a peek outside now and then to watch the eclipse finish.
 I love seeing all of God's amazing creations. Babies/children, the moon, and roses are my top 3.
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