Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sign of the Rainbow

It was a dark and rainy day, which are usually not very fun, but we got a special treat this evening that might have made it worth it... We were cleaning up dinner when Melodie saw it and called us all to see the huge amazing bright and beautiful rainbow!
Our house is at the end of the rainbow!!
 It was just lovely
It was cool cause last night we just read the scriptures about the covenant that the rainbow symbolizes in Genesis 9.
I've been thinking about rainbows and what they symbolize when I saw this facebook picture of it on over New York on the eve of September 11th
I pray for our country every night that we will never forget - never forget God, always remember him. So last night, after reading a bit in the KJV of Genesis, we went on to read the Joseph Smith Translation verses referenced in the foot notes of that chapter and there is more to it, see verses 21-25: the rainbow isn't just a sign of the covenant with Noah that God wouldn't flood the earth again. It's also a token of the covenant with Enoch that Zion, the City of Enoch, will come upon the earth again, and that the earth shall rest and Christ shall come again (which is what Enoch begged for - Moses 7:47-67).
That's what I'm going to think of now when I see rainbows. With all the horrible things happening in the world, we can rejoice in knowing that Zion will return, Christ will come again. 
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