Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Natalie is an independent little soul. She sure seems to have grown a lot this year. When we left for Brazil she was our baby, and while we were gone she started talking and having opinions and attitude and all that jazz. Now she's a full blown toddler. Often times she refuses to let me help her with things - like she'll let me unbuckle her carseat buckles, but if I try to pick her up out of the seat, she gets really mad. Once I got her out of her carseat and the car, and she was irate. When I realized my mistake, I put her back in the seat and then she calmed down and got out of the seat herself and out of car by herself. Takes longer, but worth it to not have her scream at me. I just forget sometimes. Lately she's been dressing herself. Sometimes she lets me help her, other times no, as seen here below...
She put on this dress by herself. You'll notice that not only is it backwards on her, but it is also inside out.
This is a common look for her. It's either this look or she'll just keep taking off whatever clothes we attempt to put on and she's running around just in her diaper. Which I don't mind, but I do mind when she takes off her diaper by herself, which has started happening. I don't mind that so much, except for when she's gone #2. Luckily I haven't had to clean up any huge messes from that yet.
Nice ketchup face, and Natalie has such great expressions too, she's quite the character.
She is so fun. I'm home with Owen and Natalie and Sophi all day. They usually get along, but other days, like yesterday, there's a bit of drama between the two girls fighting and Natalie pulling out a clump of Sophi's hair (I'm so impressed that Sophi isn't screaming bloody murder, cause Natalie got a lot of hair yesterday). Other times it's just them making messes with markers and paper or clothes or whatever... yesterday they were on one making another mess before I'd cleaned up the first. I couldn't keep up! I'm trying to be more preemptive, like trying to hide the dish soap and all soap pump dispensers up high. If someone leaves one down within reach, Natalie will find the shampoo in our shower or in a tub or hand soap by a sink somewhere and load up her hair or put lots of "lotion" on her cheeks. When that happens, it's time for another bath! Also, bit of stress with the Natalie on a hunt for Owen. I keep trying to hide him in various rooms as he sleeps. If I leave him on my bed, Natalie will climb up there and hug him up close to her tummy - I think she's trying to breast feed him. Funny, but man, they're keeping me on my toes!

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