Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day BBQ at Scofield

We left the reunion a little bit early today and headed home to grab some rock salt and brown sugar so Corey could be ready to cook up a BBQ for our friends in Scofield. And since I had done such a scatter brained job of packing for Heber (and accidentally left my packed clothes on the bed) I was eager to take a quick bath and freshen up. So, we arrived home at 10:30 after an hour drive. We had a quick pit stop and then were back on the road at 11:15 heading to Scofield. I didn't get any pictures cause my camera battery was dead. But it was fun to visit and Corey did another amazing job grilling up the steak, mmm. After atleast 3 years of experience (one of his first attempts in 2012 documented here) and now I do declare he's definitely got the churrascaria thing down!
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