Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Homework Help

Another day done. Heading to bed soon, here's a snapshot of the kids - Joseph asked Melodie to help him draw pictures for a poster he needs to make for school. Hyrum and Wesley were watching and Mel would laugh and then mess up the drawing cause she was using a permanent marker and she'd shake when she laughed, so then she used pencil, but not before she messed up a few times.
She was able to save it - turned a mess up face into the back of a head instead of the front. The kids were laughing, it was cute to hear them and I also loved that Mel was serving Joseph. Good kids.
I think it was so funny cause they thought the guys she drew looked silly. Not sure what was sooo funny about it, but it still made me laugh to hear and see them all with the giggles.
Sophi and Natalie, you should be in bed. 
They are playing Starfall, which has saved out sanity a few times. I think we need a few more computers though.
One other thing to share... today I listened to the live BYU devotional yesterday and I loved it. There is a devotional on everyday at 11. Usually it's a repeat, but on Tuesdays it's live. So today Ed Eyestone was the speaker, it's not printed yet but here's the video of it. One thing he shared was about how to reach your goals you need to sweat the small stuff - pay attention to the small things. I've been doing that with diet and am happy it's helping me reach my goals. I also loved the story of his Freshman run hoping to make All American as a freshman. And that was the one time he didn't make it, but is the only time he remembers compared to the other the other times he did make All American, an example of how we often learn more from our failures than from our successes. It's good to "run like a horse!" 100% committed to make it or die trying - that's the attitude of Corey with his business, good job sweetie.
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