Friday, September 4, 2015

Hibbert Reunion

We are up in Heber this weekend for the very first ever Hibbert reunion! We're missing two siblings and their families - Camilla in Indiana and Patrice in Texas. They will be missed. But the rest of us are excited for this opportunity to have some cousin bonding time and have fun! I'll be back on Monday to update with pictures from our fun reunion weekend ~

Update - well, it's awesome to be a Hibbert, that's all I can say. Well, maybe I can say some more... let's see... My sister Beka documented the whole weekend. In the files of pictures she shared with us, Owen got his own folder, cause everyone's excited about the newest Hibbert Grandchild - what a cutie
Oh Abi, you get to hold him whenever you want, share him with your cousins! Jerusha's little girl Mallory was so cute with Owen and Natalie, as you can tell ~
Oh Owen, your big blue eyes are amazing!
Later Mallory was playing with Natalie and they fell asleep on the couch - so cute!
Uncle Matt got his fair dose of the usual affection and attention he receives from his nieces and nephews, which consists of Lily climbing on him

followed by Abi wanting a turn (poor Matt!!)
And then more Lily. 
Come on guys, give the poor man a break. That's better, nice and civilized lap sitting.
Melodie and Mallory playing on the banana chairs ~
and one, two, three... (I thought this made a cute picture)
Sophi and Sophie! "Mom, two Fofis!"
My little girls loved the affection their got from their big grown up cousins - Along with Mallory, Natalie and Kelsey are bffs
Lily and Emma
Wes and Sam made a cute duo
Playing games with Matt - (this one wasn't part of the Olympics)
Blowing (and spilling) bubbles on the front porch
One of my favorite moments of the weekend was seeing my brother Neil resigned to being a bubble bottle holder. "So boring..."
Corey asked "Has the charm of fatherhood worn off?" You gotta do it though, or else the soap is everywhere on the kid and the floor and clean up is a hassle. But on the bright side, it helps the moms capture cute pictures like this (cute)
It was a great weekend of and nice and simple family fun - no tv, no laptops or computers, no internet (well, a little on the cell phones) ~ it was so nice to unplug and just hang out together and have fun.

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