Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Catching Up

7 a.m. - Ok, going back in time again to schedule posts for the past 6 days that I've missed... I'm hoping I just have to resort to this temporarily while Owen is so little and needy... We'll see how far I get before he cries and needs me again. I think I got about a half hour right now. Mark set go...

And now it's 1 a.m. Apparently I didn't get very far. Today was kind of a lousy day. I blame it on the fact that had to leave the house for my 6 week post delivery check up. It was such a stress that I vowed I am not leaving the house again (during the day of the school week) for the next 3 months. I was going to try and shower before I left, wasn't able to do that, wasn't able to do my hair or makeup or jack cause Owen was crying, so I'm holding him, then Sophi needed help wiping, trying to get int he car so we can go to the appointment, Natalie thinks were leaving for school and is putting stuff in a back pack (that was cute) and she put on her own socks (she's more independent than Sophi) and she wanted shoes on but wanted Lily which are too big, wanted me to help her put them on and then got mad when they didn't stay, so I'm trying to help her with shoes while still trying to hold Owen so he's comfortable, and I just felt like waving the white flag of surrender.

Ok, Owen wants me to publicly recognize that he did finally tall asleep at 10:30, allowing me to fill the garbage cans with pine needles and take them out to the street for garbage day. I always seem to find time for filling the garbage cans (when I don't remember to have the kids do it Tuesday's after school... ) I think it's cause it has a specific date that it has to be done by. Routines, Habits... been thinking about that and how I need to apply it to my life. Maybe I should follow that "today is garbage day" idea for other things in my life. Daily and weekly habits. And a good thing about taking out the trash - when I did, I was able to see these lovely roses, and I even took time to smell them.
I finally got them in the car, took them to a neighbor who was going to watch Natalie and Sophi for me, then Owen and I head out - thankfully he's finally asleep. Driving and the doctors office called to tell me the doctor had to run out to a delivery, asking if I wanted to reschedule or come in and just wait for an hour. I'm not doing this again, I asked if I could just bag the whole thing "I'm fine, I don't have any concerns.... so unless you guys need to do a lab test or something, how bout we just forget the whole thing?" No, we'd like to check up on you! Ok, so I went to Costco for a quick run and then went to the doctors. He got there pretty quickly, faster than an hour, and my appointment was at 2 but I was done and out of there by 3 - wow, only an hour! That was what I mentally had planned for anyway, so it was good! I went to pick up the girls. They were in heaven with my nice high school graduate neighbor, having a nail painting party. Super cute and doing it outside ~brilliant!
I might be able to not freak out about them maybe making a mess if we did it outside like that!
And they were both being so careful about it, it melted my heart. Natalie carefully held the brush and touched it with a little thing to make dots on the nails, cute cute cute. Then she's dot the toe nails and then wipe them with a cloth. They made a mess all over her toes, it was adorable.
I want a toddler pedicure now. 
Maybe we'll do it tomorrow, if Owen lets me put him down at a time other than 1 a.m.
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