Monday, September 14, 2015

American Ninja Warrior History

In case you didn't see American Ninja Warrior tonight, let me be another person to shout the refrain that "history has been made!!!"* What do you know, someone actually won American Ninja Warrior this year! Good job Isaac Caldiero! My boys were very excited for this final show. It was a 3 hour special. They tried to do their homework as they watched, cause they just had to watch it.
They could hardly sit down during it.
I was thinking someone better win, cause if not, well, that's just so sad for all the guys and ladies who put so much work into training for this every year just to get stuck hanging in a no win position or tripping up and falling in the water, just so sad! (poor Brian Arnold, we were sad when Joe the weatherman fell too)
I wasn't willing to dedicate a full 3 hours to the show, so I came and went, but was glad that in my comings and goings I saw Geoff Britten go through all three stages. Pretty amazing strength! I think the name Popeye fits him well - his forearms are as big as his biceps! It was a good show. The kids really wanted Geoff to win. It got so intense a few times that Joseph made himself drop and do 50. He just had to channel his energy somewhere.
I'm grateful ANW has inspired my kids to workout.

*Really, history is made everyday, and you don't have to do something record breaking for it to be history. But anyway...
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