Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Drive

On Sunday I took a few of the kids with me for a drive up the canyon. We listened to "Peace Like a River" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as we enjoyed the fall colors. The colors aren't very vibrant this year, perhaps I've gone looking for it a little early? I don't know the science behind leaves changing color, but I'm telling myself it might also be because we had a few days of heavy rain, which might have turned all the bright dry leaves into soggy brown. Just my theory. But all that rain also gave us some snow up on the tops of the mountains
So there were no bright reds, but we did find some golden yellows and pretty orange trees to admire ~
Doesn't quite do it justice. 
So things weren't as full blown as I recall them being last year, but I just looked it up - that was in October, so yeah, I guess I'll give it a bit more time. I guess I'm a little worried that fall will be over and I'll find out I was nursing the whole time and missed it! So we'll go for a few more drives over the next few weeks and see what we can find.
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