Saturday, September 26, 2015

Red Pine Hike

Owen kept me up for several hours last night/this morning (1:30 - 4:30). He woke up again at 8:30 and was ready to start the day, but I already wanted it to be over. I had to do something to try and re-do it or it was going to be a very long day (and I was going to be very grouchy). Everyone else was still asleep, so I took Owen, the baby wrap, and my camera and we went for a hike. A little bit of time in the mountains just might do the trick and provide the restart I needed
I headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the Red Pine trail. I thought I'd go get the valley view of the canyon like last year and see how the colors compared.
Mom and Baby selfie
Seeing the gray leaves that covered the ground, I think my hypothesis about how the 2 days of fall rain might have killed the colors this year is correct. They all got wet and fell off in the rain before they had a chance to dry in their bright fall colors.
Doesn't hold up to the trail that was paved with gold last year... But these red berries were pretty~
And waterfalls never fail to provide a lovely scene either.

Looking pretty gray... let's put on the vibrant colors setting. That's more like it.
Once I got my picture I headed back down. It was a nice 2 hour restart to my day.

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