Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another Election

I've given up on following the ups and downs of the presidential election. It wasn't helpful to my mood, didn't make me feel good, and now that Utah has voted, there isn't really anything I can do to make a difference. It's been nice to not be on facebook much anymore, and I've finally started trying to get involved with family history, yay. In our life right now, there is another election that is giving us a topic of conversation around the dinner table. Introducing Ethan Wride, running for Governor of his jr. high. He worked on his t-shirt yesterday, with much help from Corey. Joseph and Ethan went and printed it at Corey's parent's house, and they got home late at 12:30. When I saw the shirt this morning, I must say I thought it was very clever.
The front does a quick dictionary definition, with Ethan Wride being definition #2. On the back, Corey changed the html from several google searches to make it look like it was a google search about Ethan Wride and it is really funny. Good job Corey and Eth or whoever credit should go to.
(I believe most of the credit goes to Corey. He's a great dad.) Ethan was stressing out big time yesterday after not making ballroom, hoping things go better for Ethan with this effort at putting himself out there again running for student government. Good luck Eth, hope you win! You'd be great, but you're still great even if you don't win. But really hoping and praying you make it, it's fun seeing your kid win what they want, and hard seeing them have their hopes and dreams crushed. Telling them that they have a whole lot of life ahead of them doesn't seem to help. Still, trust me buddy, Jr. High elections really won't matter much to you later in life as you look back. Here's to growing experiences!
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