Monday, April 11, 2016

Pioneer Woman

Before our friend Kiran left, I went to the store and bought some gifts for his two boys and his wife. Legos and some Nerf toys for his boys and a necklace and earrings for his wife, plus a few Pioneer Woman items, cause I just love her stuff! There were some new things that I hadn't seen before, like table runners, place mats, oven mits... I ended up buying two of several things - one for Kiran's wife and one for me as an early birthday or mother's day present. Actually I got enough to cover both celebrations. :)
Cute table runner, no? and I love the pitcher. I decided to use it for a vase. Those bananas are getting a little brown... kids, you need to eat those up today. Maybe I'll make them a banana nutella snack after school. 

So, in other pioneer woman news... yesterday we found out that we are not going on Trek. We had been invited to be a "Ma and Pa" in January before we knew I was expecting. After we found out, I contacted the person in charge of Trek at the stake about if that disqualified me or if there was policy against pregnant women participating. She said there was no policy against it and for me to decide. So I still wanted to go. I'd just be 24 weeks along... last year in Brazil I was still jogging a little bit on my 3 mile morning walks at 24 weeks. I'll be fine. So we were still planning on going, but Corey was hesitant. The first meeting is coming up next Sunday. I said if he didn't want to go he better decide but I feel fine about it. I asked around to my siblings and parents, several of whom have been before to ask them if they thought it would be too much for me. Most of them were of the opinion to go, we'd have a great experience.

But then yesterday at church as the young men talked about Trek, one of the leaders said "There is just one Ma and Pa from our ward, the Gygi's..." Corey was in the meeting and thought "Hm,.." He called the guy later to ask if we were still on that list or not. "Oh, no your not. When we found out your wife was expecting we replaced you..." I was a little sad but I guess that makes it easier, just having the decision made for us. It would have been nice of them to ask what we wanted to do. Corey teased that there was no need for that, cause obviously I shouldn't go. I protested "Come on, this would have been just 4 days! How come we get to do all the crazy things you want to do, like Brazil for 3 months, but I can't do something crazy that I want to do for 4 little days?" 

Corey countered "If we were doing this on our own, that's one thing... but we'd be going on Trek as part of a community that has standards." then he added "...that we don't share." lol.

Corey wasn't sure he wanted me to go with my current "medical condition" anyway, so he seemed a bit relieved that the decision had been made by those higher up in command. He was also making me laugh last night as he teased me with all his clever lines:

~ "Listen, if the bishop is uncomfortable with the idea..."
~ "Sweetheart, THEY should not be the ones telling you that you will not be going, that should go without saying... No one thought that they had to tell you anything. That's the key which proves that my reservations were correct..."
~ "Look, I leave the house everyday. I've got a pretty good sense of what it's like on the outside. We don't quite fit in. You know you've got a problem when you have too many kids in Utah..."

Okay okay, point made. Fine, I don't get to go on Trek. I was all excited thinking it would be fun to be out there in true folklore Pioneer woman mode. But if no one else thinks it's a good idea, I guess I'll just go be lazy and take a nap and eat ice cream like I'm supposed to do. Oh, and the doctor they have going is from our ward - he said that he didn't want to be delivering a baby on the trail. As if that would happen. Plus, his wife just had a baby last year and she was still water skiing at 36 weeks! I think she would have wanted to go had they been asked, but maybe she would have been forced out of it by reasonable standards of society. Boo! Ok, I'll try to be done pouting now.

Oh, one more thing, I was thinking I only wanted to go if one of our kids would be in our "trek family." Corey said that the Gygi's son didn't want to be in his parents group, so last night before I knew for sure that we had been booted, I asked the kids if they would be in our family. Joseph said yes he'd like to be with us, Mel said probably not, and I didn't ask Ethan cause he was against me going pregnant anyway and I'd already heard too much from him on that account. Although I told him "Listen, this is a chance for you to be on my side and win some brownie points..." But he was all in my face with his "you should go!!" opinions. So Mel and Ethan, I still like you. But Joseph wanted to be in our family, so he wins the favorite child award of this week.
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