Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Queen Natalie

Natalie is just plain cute. This morning she woke up early with the older kids and was high energy and just jabbering non stop.
After I took her picture, she protested with "Mom! I not funny!!" You are funny, little girl. Funny and super super cute.
The kids were trying to eat their cereal and get ready for school, but then Natalie stopped them with a command to "Close your eyes..." First she instructed Mel, watching her until she closed them, eventhough Mel was ready to take her empty bowl to the sink and finish gathering her books and homework. Nope, sit there and close your eyes. Then turning to Ethan "Close your eyes..." and watched him til he complied, then to me who needed to stop unloading the dishwasher "Close your eyes". Then she went on with her jabbering and we stood there with our closed eyes... then one by one we opened them up and snuck away to continue with our tasks. She was being really funny though. She just has the cutest voice.

This evening she was talking non stop again as she opened the puppy book and read us all a story. "That's a Moo!" she said pointing to the cow.
She was jabbering away again like she had been this morning. She isn't always high energy in the mornings, but she's pretty consistent and being full of energy at night time, especially when it's past 11. This reading was around 9:30 when she was still warming up... "That's a WOOF" (wolf)
Natalie's sisters sat by and listened to her as we waited for the boys to come for prayer and scriptures. We didn't make Natalie put down her book as we read the Book of Mormon. She's two, so she gets to call her own shots most of the time ;) Love her little face.
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