Friday, April 8, 2016

Date Night Movie

After we got home from our date night tonight, the kids were still watching their movie. They always look forward to us leaving them in charge of themselves and eating pizza while they watch the tube. Ethan had been holding Owen during our date. He got up from his chair for something but put Owen back in the chair, where little O continued to enjoy the flick -
"Um, you guys, can you stop shining that little red camera light at me? I'm trying to watch Thor here..."
"Ah! Get that flash out of my eyes too! My goodness!"
"Ok, I know I'm adorable, can we just keep watching the movie please? This is a really intense part!" We were all loving how chill he looked, just kicked back and relaxed. It's just hard to get a clear photo in the dark without the flash, Owen. But I guess the blue glow of the television captures the moment more realistically... You're just so cute, Owen is our sweet lil' man, we love you Owen!!!
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