Monday, April 25, 2016

Starring Owen

Mel had Owen laughing on Saturday ~

It was cute. A few other Owen videos (cause the baby is always the star of the family videos...)
Owen on the trampoline last Thursday, testing out his little wings~

and one last video from today after school of Owen playing catch with Ethan (Owen loves to play with balls, it's super cute. Of course everything he does is super cute...)

I do have a video from one of our other children... it is Ethan's campaign video. He made it past the primary election last week and now he is in the running for governor with one other boy. The video is due on Thursday, and Corey and Ethan worked on it for a few hours after school on Friday and then for 8 more hours on Saturday. Corey said it was a fun thing to work on to get his mind off of work, which is still seems to be on the verge of collapse. They came home with an awesome finished product. Ethan has uplaoded it to youtube, and I told him to make it public so I could put it on here, but alas, during all the 100 times he's watched it himself, he didn't make it available for me. So sad. I will try to instruct him again tonight and we'll see if he can obey, then I can share it tomorrow. It is really good!
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