Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Last night they worked on Ethan's campaign poster, which is now hanging in the hall at school. total of 4 people running for governor. I think tomorrow they will know who the final two will be. Homework and music practice have both taken a big slide on the scale of important things to get done to this boy (and he and Joseph didn't take advantage of me giving them a second chance and still haven't cleaned their room or folded their laundry, tsk tsk. So sad, they on track to be the only two that don't get cereal on Sunday...) Ethan's poster is really cute. Here's part of the draft - they've kinda been doing an academic theme so far, with the dictionary definition and google search on his shirt. His poster is a textbook figure showing the different parts of a great governor:
Cute huh, I especially like the self deprecating humor (like his skinny arms help 7th graders not feel threatened, ha). Good luck in the primary election tomorrow Ethan!

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