Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sleeping in the Tent

So last Friday, some of the kids did finally sleep in the tent that we had set up on Monday. Which was good, cause we put it away the next morning because there was some rain in the forecast. It still hasn't rained yet, but I'm glad we took it down, cause it's too cold for them to sleep out there anyway, and they're in school this week, so I'm glad they got one sleepover in. We'll put it up again when it's warmer. I did take a few pictures of the kids in the morning. It was just four of them that slept out there: Sophi and Abi~
I thought they might have been cold but they said they were fine. Melodie looked nice and snug -
Wesley - often when I peek on him when he's asleep in his room, he's got blankets all over his head. He likes his head to be totally covered. His sleeping bag was a little thin, but he said he wasn't cold either, so that's good.
I think they didn't sleep very well though, cause they all took naps. Sophi took like a 4 hour nap, she was wiped out. It might have been because of the tale they told us that morning of the HUGE fly that followed them into the tent cause it was attracted to the flashlight. Apparently it was ginormous, Melodie eventually was able to get it out so they could sleep in peace. Hyrum wasn't comfortable with the idea of me leaving the back door unlocked. "Just give them a key!" I'm not going to make them fumble with a key when they're half asleep and need to use the bathroom during the middle of the night. So I left it unlocked, but offered to be the night guard and slept on the couch so that I could fight off any unknown nighttime intruders. Natalie was on the couch with me in the morning, she's my little sleeping companion.
And Hyrum slept downstairs on the couch, where he would be safely hidden from the burglar (as he killed the rest of us?) Good thinking buddy!
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