Thursday, April 21, 2016


Beautiful spring has arrived this week - it's been gorgeous all week. I took this quick photo during a morning walk
Blue skies and flowers in the trees. Last night I walked out into the back yard and froze at the door as a wave of perfume hit me. The breeze from the canyon was blowing the scent from our neighbors trees right to our door. Looking to the left I could also see the moon rising in the canyon. It was just a lovely moment. Most of the kids were gone at their Wednesday night activities, but Ethan was home and came out to enjoy the moment with me.

Sophi, Natalie and Owen and I spent most of the day outside - they played on the trampoline and I just watched. Nice nice day though, I wasn't too cold in the shade, it was just perfect. Here is Owen on the trampoline, working on his flapping - this baby bird wants to fly from the nest.

We also went to the school park to pick up the kids today. My walk this morning was to walk Lily and Wes to school - Lily wanted to bring her scooter for the bike rodeo and Wes was kind enough to ride his bike with her.
But I found the paper about the event after I took them - the rodeo isn't today, its next Thursday. Oh well. But since Joseph had the car I walked them across the busy street and went to pick them up too. When Natalie saw the park she insisted (screamed) that we stay and play. So she was a little spider on the ropes, she did pretty good!
 You're a good spider climber too. Soph!
Other than that not much going on. I guess for posterity's sake I'll also add that we didn't get paid this week. Corey's still working on it and hoping they'll get more investment or something soon, pretty stressful for him. I'm ok for now, but things are super tight. American Express also froze our personal credit cards... that has happened before, cause they freeze all Corey's accounts when the business is overdue paying their card there. So, yeah, fun. So, children, if someday you look back and wonder how your father and I raised a family with him getting a business off the ground, the answer is "by the skin of our teeth" (eventhough teeth don't have skin, not sure the history behind that expression). Corey said he feels he's in a movie at the silent part of the where the bomb goes off and everything is quiet. Luckily the years of being stretched have made us pretty tough and we might make it through another month, but the rescue ship better come in soon, this isn't sustainable. Thus is the life of an entrepreneur. Hang in there sweetheart, and we'll keep hanging here too.
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