Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference Weekend

This past weekend was the General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Starting at 10 am on Saturday for two hours, then again at 2 for two hours, then the boys all headed downtown for the Priesthood gathering of Hibbert family to watch the Priesthood session downtown (usually at the Joseph Smith Memorial building) and afterward they all go out to eat at the Lion House. Then comes Sunday and we do it all again - 10 am for two hours, then the last session from 2-4. It was a spiritual feast as usual. Usually I go with several questions on my mind. This time I really just had one main questions, which was what the Lord would have us/Corey do regarding Movie Mouth. He had a rough day on Friday and they are approaching a cliff again. They've never fallen off the cliff but right now they don't know where the money for the next round of paychecks is coming from. When it was just Corey we were able to figure it out, but now the stakes are higher with an office and 25 employees in Brazil plus the office here. Anyway, I was wondering what the Lord wants him to do. We've told the Lord what we'd like, but what do we do as we wait upon him? There were lots of talks about challenges and facing our trials with faith, but the very last talk by Elder Holland was the one that I felt really let me know what action we can take. "Tomorrow the Lord will do Wonders Among You". Basically we need call our for mercy like Alma (Alma 36:18) and then continue to keep trying~
It is wonderful to receive answers to prayers. :) So that's what we'll do, we'll walk towards that cliff and trust that once again there will be a way for a bridge to be extended as we take each step forward. The Lord has provided for us before, I know that he can continue to do so, and trust that he will. Another talk that I shared with the kids Friday night was by Elder Holland, one of my favorites from March 1999 that always helps me when I'm in a rough spot emotionally, temporally, or spiritually~ "Cast Not Away Therefore your Confidence" and as he started his talk on Sunday he references one of the same verses in Hebrews 10 and I was thinking it was going to be on the same subject, and it kind of was. Yes, keep trusting, keep believing, don't forget the miracles we've already seen, if this business was the right decision back then at the beginning, then it's still right now. Don't panic when the going gets tough. I love Elder Holland. Another funny thing was at the beginning of his remarks, he was telling all of us members of the Church how much the leaders love us, and he said:
I was upstairs watching conference with Joseph and Melodie on the tv in my bedroom. And yes it was about 3:45 in the afternoon and there we three lazy people were still in our pjs and lounge wear. I looked back at Joseph and Mel, they both looked at me and then looked away, like all of us were saying "Um, yeah! we sure are!" We weren't as lazy looking as that guy in the meme though, we had paper and pen and were taking notes. Still it was funny.

So after Conference, we got ready to head over to my sisters house for our semi-annual post Conference gathering at my little sisters house. And it was a special treat to have our cousins from Indiana in town. Here are all most of the Hibbert cousins, minus Patrice and her 4 cute kids in Texas. 
I took a few pictures on Corey's phone of him playing football fly's up with the boys outside. We ate, visited, played games and had a grand time. We were there until about 8:30, and then headed home, and then after that the Hibbert siblings gathered at my parent's house for a "late-over". We wanted to have one more chance to visit with Camilla before they headed out early Tuesday morning, so we talked and played spoons and laughed and visited until about 2 am. It was great. I love my family and love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Life is good, Now back out to tomorrow to face it all with a smile!
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