Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ultrasound ~ It's a...

So, the big announcement was after dinner tonight. I had several announcement ideas ready to go and couldn't decide which would be best, so I kinda winged it. First, everyone got to vote for which team they were on - Who do you vote for? Team Boy or Team Girl?
6 votes for a boy, 4 for girl. Hyrum voted girl cause he thought it would be a girl, even though he was hoping for a boy. The little girls kept switching sides.
Owen voted for boy - Joseph put the bow tie and hairbow in front of him and O went straight for the bow tie. I have been thinking it would be good for Owen to have a little brother to help him fend off his four older sisters a little. Then we went in for some cake donut holes - 3 of them had a thing of confetti in them.
Who will bite into the confetti?
Joseph got it first and everyone saw him chewing on something shiny and blue... so then they all knew it was a boy! Yay!
Then the kids popped a ballon with more confetti and we've got "It's A Boy" sparkling all over the place. 
I also had picked up some cards that you can scratch off the silver to see the gender.
Wesley had to wait 10 years for a little brother and Owen's probably going to get one before he can walk.
Seems unfair, but it looks like Wes isn't harboring any hard feelings.
Congratulations Owen, and congrats to the boys, you're back in the lead! Wahoo!
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