Tuesday, April 5, 2016


It is spring break for the elementary kids. Yesterday Abigail was asking me what we're going to do for spring break, because we have to do something cause "everyone else" in their class is going to Florida or Europe or something amazing like that. So sad for us, we never do anything. How about camping? Well, I really don't have it in me to take all you kids to a warmer place in southern Utah to camp, sorry. I can't do that solo - and it would be if we tried cause Dad still had work and all the older kids have school. And camp sites up the canyon are still closed, cause it's still freaking cold at night. Abi is so funny, one day last month when the sun was out and most of the snow was gone, she asks if she can get on her swimsuit and turn on the sprinkler. Sorry Abi, it's still too cold. Silly girl. And so what can we do for fun? How about we can set up the tent in the back yard? Ok, that is okay, yes you may.

Abi  worked really hard and did a pretty good job getting it started on her own. (she recruited neighbor kids to help) They want to go camping all week though. So to do that I told them we have to put the tent on the dirt so it doesn't kill the new spring grass that's trying to grow. I helped them finish the job and they moved in. They've been able to play camping during the day.
Wes dug a "firepit" right by the front door today. It doubles as a booby-trap. Later Abi moved the firepit to a different spot and I told her to take the dirt and fill in the hole by the tent. No need to have kids falling over if they need to walk out of the tent in the dark.  
They didn't sleep out last night, it was a bit cold and windy. The weather is in the 40s until Friday, Friday it will be in the 50s, and that should be okay. Plus then it won't be a school night for the older kids and can sleep out there too. Good thinking on my part to make them put it on the dirt instead of on the grass, pat self on back. While they worked on the tent, Natalie played with rubber band bracelets in the playhouse. She is so stinkin' cute.
Today I made them all work like slaves before they played with friends though, and they were troopers and things are coming together. And may I just say that I love the Pioneer Women stuff at Walmart. Before Kiran left last week I went out and bought some gifts for him to take back to his kids and wife, and got a few things for myself too (justified it by saying they are early b-day and mother's day gifts). Life is good, I enjoy having the kids home
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